Friday, July 10, 2009

Tupperware Party

Lexi has figured out that she can open every cupboard in her mommy's kitchen. The tupperware cupboard is by far her favorite. She dumps out enough plastic containers that she can climb in there and then she plays for quite a while. Sam and Josh also loved to play with these containers when they were this size, but I think Lexi loves them the most. Unfortunately, she's a lot faster than Mommy, and can dump those cupboards in record time. When Lexi is missing, we know where to look for her.


Kare said...

So cute!! Laney did that exact same thing every day when she was Lexi's age. I just gave up and let her take over the plastic stuff.

Tina said...

She did that when we were there last week :) It reminded me of when my own babies used to play like that. She is so cute!