Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Little Dancer + Family Fun

Posted By Cari

We enrolled Lexi in a dance class this year, and she has had so much fun "tap-tapping" around the house after every class. It was finally her "recital day" this past Saturday and she was so excited. She's one of the youngest ones in the class, and has only been going since January (most of the girls started in September). But she still did a great job and had lots of fun. Here are some videos (filmed by Sam) and some pics.

Funny story: as Lexi was watching this video later, during the part where Sam says, "Do your tap-taps, Lexi" - she said (talking back to Sam's voice on the video), "I am doing my heel-togethers!"

Having a girl is a whole new experience!


Later that evening we came back to the same place that hosted the recital (the Rockin R Ranch) for more fun.
The boys got to shoot a real antique "colt .45" (with wax ammo) and were very proud of themselves.

Lexi wished she had gotten "to shoot a gun too, because she had a hat."

The boys also tried their hand with a lasso, and we met up with some friends. Check out the difference of the poses of the boys vs. the girls in this picture!

But the best part - if you asked the boys - were the frogs! Too bad that we had to leave this one there with his mom and dad (I didn't want him to be a sad little froggy :-). The kids were really hoping for a pet.

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mmg said...

what a wonderful way to begin the new week, seeing your adorable Lexi and her brothers in action. thanks!