Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Ribbon Boy

Sam has had an amazing year in school (except for the asthma, broken ankle, and other various illnesses & injuries which caused him to miss a lot of days! - we say that this gave the other kids in his class a chance to keep up.) He's had both a wonderful classroom teacher and a fabulous gifted teacher who have given him many opportunities to shine.

This year he represented his school's 4th grade class along with his good friend Jake at a math competition among the district. Each school was allowed to bring a 2-person team from each grade (4th - 8th) from the gifted program. Every member of the team team got at least one medal, and Sam earned two (one in the Team Competition with Jake, and one for a competition called 24 (a card game where you have 4 numbers on a card and have to make a formula using all four numbers to equal 24 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division - the first person to make up a formula wins the card, the person with the most cards when time is called wins the heat). His school won overall out of the whole district among all the gifted progams!

Sam was also chosen as part of a 4-person team to represent the gifted program at his school in a district Creative Problem-Solving event. Each team had a scenario and had to write a skit showing how they'd solve it (done at school), then perform for the other teams and be judged. Sam's team won best solution (I think that's what they won...).

Great Job SAM!

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