Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sparring Tournament

Josh participated in his first sparring tournament tonight and did great. Here's his last competition. He won two before this one, and was in the final four. He didn't win this last one - lost by just one point, and tied in several rounds with this opponent - who is a belt level above him and a few inches taller. Josh is awesome and we're so proud of him.

And did I mention that he reads at almost the 9th grade level. Not too bad for a seven year old in Second Grade! In fact, if you take Sam out of the running (who in 4th grade reads at a graduating HS senior grade level - the highest score on the test), Josh would be higher than any other student in Sam's 4th grade class! Very proud of these kids!

You can see how awesome Josh is in this video - he's the shorter one who is closest to the camera in case you can't tell.

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mmg said...

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad we got our computer up and running. Keep up the good work, Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!