Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Yellow Belt

This past week, Josh was tested for his yellow belt in his Kenpo Karate class. Josh loves karate and was very excited to be tested for the next belt. He just started in November, so this was his first belt test. The kids who were tested (13 out of the whole group of about 40 kids) had to "show their stuff" -- demonstrating several techniques they had been practicing, after a grueling workout. (The instructor is a retired Army Captain and he works them out!)

We are very proud of Josh for all his hard work in Karate and in school (hoping for a little more hard work at home and on the piano though :-)

Here's the video of his actual promotion - Josh is now a YELLOW BELT!


mmg said...

congratulations Josh! You are fantastic! We love you.

Nat said...

Mase and I just really loved that. Our favorite part was the look on his face when the teacher snapped the belt on. :) So awesome.

Tina said...

I didn't know Josh was doing that. It seems perfect for him. I love the video.