Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Week of Cake

During the first week in June, we have to eat lots of cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Sam had a POOL-PIZZA-PINATA party so the cake was an ocean theme - from the artic to the beach. Yes, I made the cake with a little help from Sam. (Don't worry about the watermelon all over Sam's face.)

We had lots of friends, and we were so glad to have lots of help! Lori, Matt, and Allysha did lifeguard duty and then waited tables.

Later that week, we celebrated my birthday next (my birthday is first, but Sam's party was early). My cake (just a slice) and dinner was supplied by Joe's Barbeque. I know you are all jealous!

Josh had a POKEMON birthday the next weekend, and again, Matt and Lori along with Crissi and Aaron kept our little swimmers safe, while Lexi and Shay worked in the kitchen.
Lexi is still working on her "sharing" skills.

Of course there was a POKEMON cake. Yes, I made that one too.

Decorating tip: Put actual toys on the cake and your kids will think you are cool.

And Lexi celebrated Birthday #1 with her very own chocolate cake. She wasn't quite sure what to do with it. We tried to help her dig in by putting her little fingers in it, but she just thought we were crazy.

"What is this sticky stuff on my fingers?"

Thank goodness we have a couple of weeks off before David needs a cake.

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