Monday, October 4, 2010

Soccer Mom

It's soccer season again... And, yes, I really am a soccer mom. As much as I hate having practice two nights a week, Sam loves to play soccer and he's gotten so good at it.

It was Sam's first game last Friday and he scored a goal, as well as making several great plays throughout the game. Here's the shot that made it in!

Sam has played with this team for 3 of the last 4 years and the coach is just awesome.

He has several night games this year, and it's really fun to watch because they play so well (and it's not so hot as the daytime games).

Josh would rather hang out in the trees. Notice the monkey on the shirt matches the monkey in the tree.

And Lexi just likes to eat the dirt.

But it's a fun family event, and totally worth all the hassle of practicing to see Sam doing so great (even if Josh and Lexi don't fully enjoy watching the whole game...)


mmg said...

Let's see if my computer allows me to comment this time. Your kids are awesome. We hope to see a game this season with you.

mmg said...

Hooray! it worked

Tina said...

You and your camera have done some good work....oh, and Sam too :)