Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday was a very proud day for us. Sam made his first goal! This was a long time coming. This is Sam's third season. When he first started he did not know much about soccer or organized sports in general, but after his first game he knew he really wanted to score a goal. So he was a little disappointed after every game since his first and I was a little sad for him each time. If you have ever watched little kid soccer it is a pack of kids surrounding the ball and this swarm just kind of moves around the field. His first season he definitely got into the pack, but did not really break free of the pack to take any shots.

The next season he got better and more aggressive. He worked hard at practice and was very good at listening to his coach. He got a lot closer to the goal the second season and took a couple of shots, but still was disappointed after every game. His coach was a little sad for him too, because he knew how hard Sam was trying.

The third season we put him on the same team with his second season coach. We liked this coach and also knew Sam would not need to prove himself. For the first three games Sam played well, but still no goal. Yesterday, Josh distracted us by climbing on Cari and I and the next thing we knew Sam had broken free of the pack and it was just him and the goalie. It was so awesome to watch him very deliberately take a shot and make it! Then it was very cool to watch him strut around the field. He wasn't sure exactly what to do. I think this will actually give him some confidence to score many more. After the game he left his uniform on and would not take it off until it was time for bed. It was so great to see this accomplishment that he has worked so hard for.


Jehs said...


You are awesome!


Kare said...

That is very exciting! Tell Sam congrats from Aunt Kare. I used to be a soccer star myself back in the day, you know. ;-)

Tina said...

Yay for Sam!!

Yay for you too, David! I'm so glad you have a blog. I think you are going to like it....:)

mmg said...

Fantastic for Sam making a goal. Grandpa and I were there for that first game. He was so cute. Congrats on your blog David. Keep it up. Your kids will really appreciate it in the future.