Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goin' to the zoo...

Here is a recent trip to the zoo. Just me and the boys. Mommy and baby stayed home. We first started going to the zoo when Cari first started working from home. It was a way to give Cari some time to have peace and quite. We went often in the early days for this reason. It was fun to get outdoors and it was such a great learning experience for the boys. Our business has grown since and I am much more involved in the business now, so unfortunately we don't go as often. We sure had a great time this trip.

The elephants have always been a favorite. This time of year the kids can throw a carrot to the elephants. The boys always look forward to this.

The zoo has recently put in a new water cave. We were not prepared for this and I was really thinking the kids could play for a minute without getting wet. They played for a very long time and were soaked.

America's next top model?

Then there was this thing of mimicking the animals

And last but not least we went to touch the stingrays. Sam and Josh count how many they can touch. It is easy for me to count how many I touch. They have recently added sharks to this tank. None of us touched a shark.

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mmg said...

I have been away from the computer for a few days and so now I have to catch up. I love seeing the boys at the zoo.