Thursday, November 13, 2008

My little musicians

The boys had their first piano recital tonight. They only started a couple months ago, so I was thinking this was a bit soon, but they were so cute. Josh played "Long ago" and "Hello class, how are you?". Sam played "Mary had a little lamb" and "Ring those bells". Sam played "Mary had a little lamb" a couple octives low and played it with style. Cari helped him find middle C for the next song. Josh got stuck in the middle of one of his songs and scratched his head in confusion. Very cute! The video is from the phone so the picture and sound are not the best. Next time we will remember our camera.


Tina said...


Riley is not going to start for a couple of years yet. By then your guys will be touring or something....:) I can see it now: Josh and Sam's Big Music/Magic Show

Do you have pictures from last weekend?

mmg said...

Well they look very cute but I actually didn't hear anything.